Cet article est paru dans le journal Dogs Révélation N°25 (septembre/octobre 2018)

Cet article présente le parcours de la Georgia Jack Russel Rescue, cette organisation à but non lucratif de sauvetage des Jack Russell outre atlantique. C’est aussi un sanctuaire pour les vieux chiens qui ne peuvent trouver d’adoptant. Découvrez un univers impitoyable où pourtant le meilleur de l’homme (et de la femme) parvient à s’exprimer dans sa plus belle expression: l’aide aux animaux!

Traduction for the ones who prefer english.

As you are aware, the United States of America forms one of the largest countries in our civilisation. The purpose of this article is not to pass judgement but whether we approve or not, we cannot ignore the influence, whether good or bad, that this gigantic nation has on the world. As the summer draws to an end and animal charities assess the ever-escalading and unsupportable amount of seasonal abandoning, we felt the need to share wtih you the actions of a rescue  organisation dedicated to jack russells on the other side of the Atlantic!


Firstly you have to understand that abandoning an animal in the U.S.A. is not a very difficult thing to do, nor does it cause much guilt to the person doing so Each city has its own dog pound centre/ service to catch stray animals, and where you can, without any questions asked, take your own animal. A country where 62% of it inhabitants owns a pet, also generates an incredible number of unwanted animals, which arrive in large numbers in the pound centre, to such a large extend that space soon runs out. Once there, the dog has 3 days for its owner to retrieve it, then its fate is sealed, and the dogs at least 1.2 million a year are unnecessary killed in the haste to free up space. Hakuna Matata, some might think. But this is not Donna Durham’s vision; . She has decided for the past nineteen years to work tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible. A JACK, OR NOTHING. No, this isn’t about the famous brand of Whiskey’s, this is about the dog breed Jack Russell. Already passionate for the terrier breed, Donna lost her dog at the very beginning of this century. She acted immediately and as luck happened found him at the local pound. while talking with the staff at the pound, Donna began to understand the sad fate that was reserved for her own dog and discovered the appalling reality that after just 3 days the dogs are put down. Impossible for her to leave and forget what she now knew , she decided to do something to help. After much research Donna learned that in order to save animals she needed to have a special training/ papers for this breed. She got the paper worked needed from the state of Georgia ; and set up Georgia Jack Russel Rescue For almost twenty years, Donna Durham has devoted all her time and energy to saving these dogs. Starting from nothing with no money but driven by her desire to succeed and make a difference she saves about 120 Jack Russels per year, by placing them in foster homes. Its a small number but every little helps. Today she works with her team of volunteers and her husband Mike whom she met in 2014 when he came to adopt a dog for himself ! Since then he works with her to help her the best he can PASSING THE TORCH With her fifteen dogs, both old and battered, the ones that no one wanted so she adopted them herself, this volunteer knows that it will be impossible for her to continue her work for ever. She has been doing this for years, and the strain can be felt. It takes a huge amount of energy and courage the face the reality that she can’t save them all. Donna continues her mission, hoping to find someday someone who will take over the Georgia Jack Russell Rescue mission. Wherever they come from in the world; those who fight to improve animals lives and educate the world for a better way of behaving towards animals have one thing in common, never giving up. So whether they are called Donna Durham or someone else, lets never forget the truly heroic efforts they give to save dogs lives

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